Disabling comment subscriptions from Jetpack

How to disable Jetpack modules

Recently Jetpack version 1.2.1 added a subscription module that shows two checkboxes at the bottom of the comments form in your blog’s posts and pages. Today i wanted to get rid of that because as many others i already use a plugin for thisin many of my sites, so I tried to find a way to disable this subscription module looking at my WordPress panel comment settings.

Some of the modules do have several options and have a setting page from themselves as the Sharing module, and some are integrated in normal settings pages like the Gravatar hovercard module. With the Subscription module neither of these is the case and for a moment i thought there actually was no way to disable it, so i started googling about it and didn’t find much help at first, but eventually found this fortunate comment with the answer.

You can deactivate specific Jetpack “modules” by clicking the “Learn More” button for that module then the “Deactivate” button that magically appears. Hard to find, we know.


Said and done, as soon as I revealed and then clicked on the elusive Deactivate button, the checkboxes on the comments form went away.

This post was written with the hope to help anyone out there who is also wondering how to disable these modules.


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  1. Zana says:

    Thanks a bunch for this. I was close to finding the button myself, but I middle clicked on “Learn More” and it brought me to wordpress.com, so I didn’t see the deactivate button :/

  2. Of course deactivation works fine! But here we are having one more problem. I had already 80 subscribers for JetPack. Even though I deactivated subscription these people are continuing to receive my post updates.

    Can you help me how to deactivate these people also? One way is every user should manually unsubscribe from mail list. Here I can have no control at all.

    I want a way so that I can stop all my Jetpack subscriptions.

    Thanks! waiting for your reply!

    • José Pardilla says: (Author)

      Unfortunately i doubt there’s any method to transfer those subscriptions to your new system.

      I suggest you ask the the Jetpack support team here: http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/?jetpack=needs-service

      If they don’t give you an ideal solution i imagine the only way, although not very elegant, would be to re-enable the Jetpack subscriptions, make a post informing old subscribers how to switch to the new system and then, either definitively close Jetpack subscriptions or just leave them open and hide the checkboxes with CSS code such as display:none;

  3. NareshBharat says:

    Thanks for your reply Jose!

    I will try to contact Jetpack support team!

    I think Jetpack Stats is not that matured as Google Feedburner which provides excellent service!

  4. PJ Brunet says:

    Unfortunately they don’t totally deactivate. For example, Jetpack breaks my comment form even after I “deactivate” it.

  5. PJ Brunet says:

    OK turns out Hovercards were the real issue–I deactivated them and my jQuery code started working again.

  6. SHIV says:

    Wow! Thanks, Couldn’t find the Deactivate button for the Comments!
    haha, that was easy… :P

  7. Safie says:


    Thanks very much. I have been trying to figure out a way to deactivate those subscriptions for ages. The e-mail Jetpack sends to subscribers when a post is published contains every detail of the post, and it doesn’t include an option to send an excerpt only. Now, I have to find a way to stop old subscribers getting the jetpack e-mails. Please let me know if you find one.
    Best wishes

  8. I’ve seen this solution posted in a number of places on the web.

    Unfortunately, I can’t find a solution for when the “Deactivate” button does not appear as it should.

    I’ll try the Jetpack support team as well.

  9. Gaston says:

    It’s really easy to deactivate, look!


  10. Roy says:

    Thanks so much!

  11. Diana says:

    Thank you so much! I was staring at it and YES there it was ” deactivate” LOL

  12. Mahesh says:

    Thank you so much for the post

  13. Sand says:

    Many thanks :)

  14. Sam says:

    Thanks! They really could make that more clear.

  15. Lacy J. says:

    It’s been over a year and this article’s still helpful! Thanks!

  16. I’m disappointed I had to Google this to figure out how to deactivate the modules. Wish it were more obvious.

    Thanks for the tip nonetheless.

  17. carl says:

    Thank you! Jetpack is a bit overwhelming “out of the box”, really just anted to see how their stats worked and got more than I wanted. I’ve been clicking my way to simplicity for the past little while here.

  18. cathal says:

    Thanks……saved me a lot of time and anger

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