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Today is the day I open my new website.

Until now i had a simpler little website that showed my basic contact information and some social links, but i needed something bigger to show my Portfolio which i will be updating with more work as soon as possible.

But the portfolio is not the only section i needed to add. There’s a lot of stuff i do either to practice or for fun that could be used by others, so to make use of that, and thank my visitors, I have decided to create a section called Freebies which will include many PSD and HTML resources, as well as WordPress plugins.

There’s already a few items in the Portfolio and Freebies sections so be sure to take a look, and if you like them, don’t forget to subscribe.

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  1. You really have amazing website out here – love your work and great tips on WordPress!

    Best of luck to push this project even further!

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